Transparency - changes to the BBS


I split out the swords conversation (which was great in its own right) and a few of the replies that went with it were better left back here, but perplexingly, when you move posts like that, they lose temporal order.

I suppose the argument is if they’re in “the past” then up-to-date thread readers won’t see them, but it leads to issues like out-of-order topics.

Worse, if you decide to move a conversation as a mod, you better get it right the first time, because if you miss some older posts, when you move those they all get stacked together as “new”.

I’d really rather they maintain temporal order (or at least give mods the option to “reorder conversation by time posted”.)


That’s quite strange but yeah, it makes sense from a code perspective. Thanks for sanity checking me.


Where were you with the isms when we had a whole thread on this



Figures, I just got in there, and it closes.

See - can’t be a member of any club that has somebody like me for a member…




Aside from the initial shock and sense of up-heaval, it seems to me that a helluva lot of all the sniffling and huffing on the part of some individuals who claim “the lounge was elitist” is just straight up sour-grapes that they didn’t/don’t bond well with certain groups of specific individuals; and I gotta say boo-fucking-hoo to them.

It’s not anyone else’s fault if you ‘don’t play well with others’ or if your persona is somehow repellent, and blaming your feelings of rejection on the existence of the lounge is just disingenuous at best.

So are all the comparisons to cliques, country clubs, and Mean Girls (although that is totally my jam, as far as teen movies go.)

We didn’t choose the Lounge, the Lounge chose us, via our metrics.

It’s been stated repeatedly anyone could achieve regular status with enough interaction, and that’s true; there were plenty of mutants who were regular status for whom I had no love lost and with whom I rarely engaged.

Enso was a perfect example; we didn’t care for each other at all, despite having many similar viewpoints and core values.

But as both he & @Donald_Petersen rightly said, there was a sense of familiarity therein that was comforting, even if everyone wasn’t buddy-buddy with everyone else (and please believe it, we weren’t.)

It sucks that that ‘comfort zone’ is gone, and the members who will miss it have a right to vent their feelings of disappointment.

For everyone else who never got the opportunity to experience all the in-jokes, rambling discussions and meta-insanity of spending way too much time on the BBS, here’s to you:

##(Just look at it.)

#NeedsMoreLikes (formerly known as "All the Likes")

To amplify on that a bit, all the TL3 metrics are around simple participation, as in “this person shows up daily, for weeks and weeks, and participates a lot”. Primarily by reading stuff, with a reasonable amount of posting and liking (both directions) mixed in.

It is very strange to claim that set of metrics is elitist in any way.


I don’t consider regulars “elitist” in any way (If I did, I would not have jumped into this situation, nor would I have offered to host their community privately elsewhere!)

I do believe it created a two-tier community. But that’s not the same as creating some sort of elitist aristocracy.


Yes, but there are already tiers, as pointed out earlier in the discussion:

  • users
  • moderators (antinous, Falcor, you)
  • editors (site owners)

Even within users, there are tiers

  1. New users (light grey username) TL0
  2. Basic users, TL1
  3. Members, TL2
  4. Regulars, TL3

(There is also TL4, Leader, which is manual promotion only.)


And yet here we are.


It did; not counting the levels reserved for the admin and above.

But the “two tiers” weren’t mutually exclusive to each other; they were fluid.

Just as one could “ascend” to regular status by being consistently active in the requisite behaviors, one could just as easily lose that status, by failing to maintain that level of activity… like, say, if a “regular” person got pissed off for some reason and decided not to log in for a few weeks, that inactivity would likely tip that person back to member status.

Again, that’s not ‘caste’, it’s not “elitist”, and it’s not aristocratic; it’s just math.

That some people are determined to believe otherwise says way more about them than it does about the way the site is set up.


Heck back when I first got regular status I didn’t quite realize the lounge was locked to other users and there were not that many either. But yes it was basically a numbers game and anyone could get in. Including members who got on each others nerves. We were never a very united front other than we all just hang out here too much. It definitely was not an anti troll brigade and lately troll comments were getting hidden by the TL2 members flagging before we noticed or just as we notice and were double checking.

As far as what was done… well it was done and I am not thrilled with it but since I don’t pay the bills I am willing to lump it because @orenwolf is trying hard to make the best of the situation for us. I do think a better heads up would have been nicer.


Of course there are. The goal is to have all members be equal. The goal wasn’t to create tiers of members. Anyone who comes to the BBS and shows a willingness to abide by the community guidelines should be an equal member of the community. We messed that up. We tried for years to balance the two. It was fundamentally flawed for Boing Boing’s forums to do that.

I respect the community that blossomed within that space. I want that community to remain as part of the BBS. I want to find a solution that works for everyone. But that solution needs to be transparent, and promote discussions everyone can participate in.



One MILLION points for referencing my favourite Disney character of all time.


Right, it’s just that will prevent certain types of conversations from occurring on BBS. Some may be comfortable coming out only among Regulars, who have put in the time and are probably not brigading channers who will dox and harass and spam your phone all hours of the night (true story, it happend to me).

In an effort to ensure that all conversations are open to all readers BBS has ensured that deep-level conversations and personal anecdotes will not be shared.

but that’s just me and my cis male privilege speaking


So a person who shows up today and creates an account and posts one time, is exactly equal to someone who spent 3 years posting here and has hundreds of posts, hundreds of likes?

I just can’t get behind that logic.

I also don’t think the tension was between the users in the first place, so that whole angle is a macguffin to move the plot along.

Which is fine, as long as the plot goes somewhere interesting in the story… and the movie doesn’t roll credits.


I know. I get that. I’m sorry that that’s the case. But this is supposed to be our Public Forum. It’s the very fact that I recognize the importance of those discussions that I was willing to create a space for them elsewhere, with my own expense and effort, if needed to allow them to continue. I hope that they do continue elsewhere. And most of all I hope that these forums continue to be a place that has value for each and every member. I am going to do my part to try and make that the case.