Tribute to Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island


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When I was younger I was on Team Ginger. But not now.


Mary Ann Summers? Must be related to Buffy! Headcanon accepted.


At the end of the year’s filming, Natalie went over to Backus and presented him with a bill for $340 to cover his “freebies.”

Gosh, I love Mrs. Howell.


I always thought the professor was a hunk, too, Dawn. But I was a bit too young to know why I thought that.


Good name for a band.


You might say that Russell Johnson was a chemistry Professor


Other interviews with Dawn Wells gave me the sense she’s a cool and awesome person with a great sense of humour and perspective. This interview confirms it.

Eddie Deezen, by the way, will be instantly recognisable to any fan of 1980s film and TV as that decade’s go-to guy for playing nerds:


Thurston Howell III didn’t become a millionaire paying for everybody’s lunch. :neutral_face:




Or his own.


If he had been an engineering Professor, they wouldn’t have spent so much time on the island! :grin: Though somehow he was able to build a rocket eventually.


I had a crush on her. Didn’t matter she was old enough to be my mom.




The Castaways find an iceberg washed up on their beach containing the cryogenically preserved body of Welch’s bikini-clad cavewoman from One Million Years B.C. A series of comic mishaps result in her being thawed and revived. The rest practically writes itself.


Would Welch hook up with the caveman they met?


We’re talking about a tiny island that somehow had military bases from both Axis and Allied powers during WWII and, like, six different indigenous tribes. Surely there’s room for more than one plot involving cave people.


thinks real hard

So guest appearance by Brendan Fraser? I LIKE IT!


In 1964 (year it first aired) the actors turned …

Gilligan - 29
Skipper - 44
The Millionaire - 51
His Wife - 64
The Movie Star - 30*
The Professor - 40
Mary Ann – 26*

So now I’m between The Professor and The Millionaire.

  • Still alive


Props to Thurston Howell III for being one of the few spoiled rich dudes who not only married an older woman but somehow managed to avoid the temptation to swap her out for a younger model every few years.