Happy birthday, Dawn Wells!

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Wow, it seems like it was only yesterday that she mailed Bob Denver a box full of pot*.

*never proven, but, you know.


You Neeeed Me.


OMG - remembers the words…

She will always be my favorite castaway.


Cute as a button!

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Like everybody else, I had such a crush on her as a kid, and it never dawned on me she was around my mom’s age.




Really? What was the source of this speculation? I’d never heard that theory.

From Denver himself. First he named her, then claimed in court it was an anonymous fan.

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Mary Ann > Ginger


So he went from booze to pot, huh? Guess he realized that being a boozer can have consequences, especially if it interferes with the TV series you’re currently starring in.

Joel Eisner writes: I read your article on the Bob Denver Good Guys series. There was something that you might not now about the show. A few years prior to his death Executive Producer Leonard Stern gave an interview (I wish I could remember where) was asked about the show and why it was not being released to reruns again (it used to run in NY in the 1970’s despite the 42 episodes) and to vhs (this was before dvd). He had great hopes for the show and had invested in the program. Bob Denver at the time of the show was going through a bitter divorce from his second (of his four wives), and came to work drunk most of the time. They tried to save the show in the second season by adding Hale and Backus but Denver caused so many problems, they couldn’t save the show. Stern who controlled the films refused to allow the show into reruns or video tape to spite Denver because he would have received money from the sales as he was part owner. I agree Edelman was miscast, he was better on the Golden Girls. In fact Denver played better against Chuck McCann in Far Out Space Nuts, but not so well against Forrest Tucker on Dusty’s Trail. Tucker would have fared better with a Larry Storch teamup like they did on Ghostbusters. Denver was more a Stan Laurel type and needed a Hale or McCann as an Oliver Hardy type to play off of.

The Good Guys, by Billy Ingram

Here’s what this show looked like:

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