Russell "The Professor" Johnson, RIP


Thank God he was finally given the recognition he deserved as being more than simply half of “and the rest.”


You might be surprised to know I was a fan.


Dang, that guy could make a radio out of coconuts.


There goes another piece of my childhood. Fare thee well, Professor! LOVED your Cary Grant imitation. :smile:


The Professor’s greatest achievement was a condom made from bamboo.

Uncomfortable for both parties involved, but effective.


Not at all. I am, in fact, surprised to learn that the expression on your avatar’s face is not, in fact, a reaction to today’s news.

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Please tell me his cremains will be placed in an urn made from a coconut.

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Also, good as any to plug this awesome essay

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farewell, professor Roy Hinkley, local well-known scientist and scoutmaster.

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Nowadays almost everyone on Gilligan’s Island is a professor.


What a coincidence. I just finished listening to audio version of Bob Denver’'s “Maynard, Gilligan and Me” book.

It was Bob Denver who insisted that they change the opening song to mention the Professor and Mary Ann.

He said that Johnson had those long speeches full of techno-babble and when he’d blow one, the whole cast would put him on by pouting and screaming for him to get it right.

Bob Denver: The professor could make a nuclear reactor but he couldn’t build a boat.

The professor could (re)build an airplane but he couldn’t build a boat.

The professor could make a man-carrying helium(!) balloon out of rain coats but he couldn’t build a boat.


He was pretty cute.

For me, he will always be remembered as the guest-star officer in The Corbomite Maneuver. Even though he apparently wasn’t.

Yeah, and I read somewhere that he did it on the quiet, not wanting anyone to make a big deal out of the fact that he did it. He just wanted to do the right thing without being all Mr Big-Shot about it.


I’m gonna play some Mosquitoe’s greatest hits in the prof’s memory!

He did do several sci-fi movies back in the B&W days. “They Came From Outer Space” and “This Island Earth” come to mind.

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His World War II experience is pretty interesting:

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Ah, damn. Russell Johnson made The Professor my favorite character. He was also great in this Twilight Zone episode:

For me the part that sucks about getting older isn’t about me. It’s about watching childhood icons and loved ones getting old and dying.