Russell "The Professor" Johnson, RIP

In one video I saw, Russell Johnson recounted a time he and Tina Louise visited a prison to answer questions on Gilligan’s Island. Tina went out onto the stage first, and of course, attractive lady she was, received an enormous roar of appreciation. Then Johnson went out and, much to his shock and horror, received a roar just as loud, with comments from some inmates on his general attractiveness, and specifically, what they would like to do with him.

Hey, he was a handsome guy!

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Once read that Johnson was on the way to being put on the Leading Man track, but didn’t quite make it. (In some alternate history, he was tapped to play Captain Kirk.)

Here and now: I think Johnson, in his The Professor avatar should be anointed as a secular saint of the Maker movement.


He was the best looking guy on a gorgeous island, with nearly perfect weather, plenty of delicious healthy food, and was often fawned upon by two scantily-clad beauties. All of his attempts to engineer an escape from the island were clever foils.

He didn’t want to fix that damned boat!


The island you see in the distance at the beginning theme of the second and third season is an actual island called “Coconut Island” or Mokuoloe. It is located in Oahu’s Kaneohe Bay and is the home of the Institute of Marine Biology.The two tall pine trees in the middle of the island are still standing after all these years!

Had to find the above on a site devoted to the show–I can’t believe the Institute’s web site you linked to doesn’t put that claim to fame anywhere (that I could find at least). They obviously have no sense of history!

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I’m ashamed to admit that in spite of all the hours I spent watching Gilligan’s Island I don’t recall ever hearing the Professor’s name. And since he and my grandfather had the same first name I should have picked up on it.

But I like to think that with his good looks and formidable intelligence he didn’t really need a name. He was best summed up by the impressive title of the Professor.

i believe it was only mentioned once, in the pilot episode. they were listening to the radio and the announcer was giving an report about the loss of the Minnow, listing the passengers.

One thing I learned from Gilligan’s Island is that you can split all male viewers into two camps, Ginger fans and Mary Anne fans.

coconuts holding bananas and silver will produce an electrical charge. Silver from the Howe’s, and the rest… on Gilligan’s Isle.

R.I.P. Professor.

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