How come no one told me about this Playskool Gilligan's Floating Island playset?

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Oddly, the Professor, the Howells, and Ginger are not included in the set. Unraveling the reasons why they weren’t could be the subject of many a master’s thesis.

At least Dawn Wells got some revenge against Tina Louise for the “And the rest…” travesty.*

[* in reality, it was Bob Denver who insisted their characters get mentioned in the later version of the theme song. That guy was a class act.]


Duh, they’d be part of the All the Rest Expansion Pack.

I vaguely remember having a Gilligan-themed board game from that era. Maybe it was just a fever dream of the 70s. To the Internet!


I don’t think it was quite that old – my sister got one in 1978. In any case, the TV show would have already ceased production; I guess the reruns were so pervasive that they thought they could still sell a Gilligan-themed toy. Or perhaps the toy tied in with the then-recent cartoon version. The next school year, I used the Gilligan figure for a book report diorama and another kid recognized it from when he’d been at our house.


The Professor, the Howells, and Ginger are included in a pack with Jack, Kate, Sayid, and the smoke monster. You see, it’s really a Lost play set. :exploding_head:


Dad seems pretty nonplussed that junior has set up his playset in that tub full of paint stripper.


I was a tween/teen in the 70’s and watched Gilligan’s Island and Star Trek (TOS) every day after school!


How did I never see this before! If it did come out in 1978, I would have bought it while I was in high school. I grew up watching incessent reruns of Gilligan’s Island everyday in the 70’s


“You know how you sound, Mr. Blaine? Like a man who’s trying to convince himself of something he doesn’t believe in his heart.” – Victor Laszlo


“When we get back to the mainland I’ll buy you a steak this thick little buddy!”

I hope it comes with the steak

and homo-erotic hammock play

I believe in the Bathing Ape theory because I want to believe in the Bating Ape theory.

No doubt there was a lot of master bathing going on around that lonesome island.

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