Classic Lord of the Rings toys are yours for $19,999.99 OBO


Shit, was that film the year after Star Wars? I remember it as being before (I was only small though).
[edit: might have been 70s-era release schedules betwixt the UK/US being so ludicrously out of whack, mind]

somehow i never knew these existed. now i really want a gandalf figure. : (

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I was bummed to find out they existed as well and that I missed them. I know I missed them because I wasn’t living in the US at the time but in Germany. So the likelihood of seeing them would have been slim.

Before there was an internet there was Rule 33: if it exists then there are toys of it. I realized this when I saw a Pink Floyd: The Wall playset in a store where I was selling a bunch of old Star Wars crap.

Okay, really it was the Pulp Fiction action figures that put me over the edge.


Ahh, here we are. I came close to giving up on finding this.


Buy it now for only $21.99 somehow…
Gandalf toy

*toy not included


Oh, apparently it’s just a case for the unopened toy. :confused:

Based on the Bakshi film? So, that’s the amount they’d be paying me, right?

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Oh, thank you for explaining that. I was tempted not to click the link because I thought it might be one of those “toys” that’s technically not legal in the state of Alabama.

what sort of deviltry is this!?

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