Transparency - changes to the BBS


@codinghorror: If you don’t mind, since you have access to all of the stats…

Can you please confirm the impression I’ve been getting that there has been a significant drop-off in posting since St. Elsewhere’s Day (April 11)?

Maybe I’m just more active in the evening, and I have been reflexively muting a certain Author’s topics, but it seems to be taking less time to catch up each morning, compared to two weeks ago.

If it’d be a lot of effort to pull up those stats, please don’t bother, as it’s not that important, but if it’s something simple to look up, it is something I’ve been curious about.


I’ve crunched the numbers, and there is a very clear drop off in stats. I’m not at my computer at the moment so I can’t share them, but it is noticeable.

I suspect that it isn’t a blip, isn’t even static, but it’s increasing over time, but I dont have the data yet to prove it.

Now that we don’t need to worry about keeping our Regular badges, we don’t need to keep reading and keep generating traffic for the site. Also, now that it’s clear that the powers that be don’t give a damn about us, we certainly aren’t gong to keep coming here out of the goodness of our little hearts. And now that most of the communication between former Regulars seems to be away from the main site, it’s ridiculous to assume that we’re going to participate in something we don’t have to participate in and don’t want to participate in. The people who are being alienated are the most active members, those who generate the most activity, and who felt the least alienated earlier. The only reason most of us haven’t fucked off by now is because this is more than a website for us, this is a community that we have all built together, and we would hate to lose it.


Post #666.

Well done, @tinoesroho. :+1:


And yet I feel set apart in a way I did not in the past. The offer has been made to have regulars display an identifying symbol in their avatars (one we cannot opt out of if the majority vote for it) that tells one and all that we are more equal than other members. That seems to be at odds with your goal.

In the past everyone had an equal chance to become a regular, even members the general community didn’t think much of. We are told there will still be new regulars. The criteria for selection are still unknown, but will they be as even-handed and impersonal as the old ones?


So flagging with “Other, Not sure here” would be just fine then?



I’ve been thinking about this a bit. Isn’t there some amount of creating “tiers” that will happen no matter what? Because some people are going to make accounts, post maybe once or twice a month at most, some even less than that, and not treat this place as a community. Where as others WILL be here daily, posting often and treating this place as a community. That’s two-tiers either way, just now, the people that do spend time here, I think, are being made to feel that the community we’ve built isn’t a valuable part of the BBS.

But I agree that we’re not elitist aristocracy. Because anyone who participates enough could indeed become a regular, as long as they abide by the rules we all agreed to operate under.


The regulars badge has to somehow involve this:


Yes, absolutely.


I’m sorry, I think I’ve missed something. What’s wrong with a 2 tier system again?


And having psychotic breaks in the process, at least in Magic Kingdom and EST (I’ve not read much of his fiction beyond this).

Probably not the bit you want to emulate, though.



Why the sudden change of heart? You were a proponent of those specific threads.


I started a long response to this but changed my mind. I’ve explained both my thinking personally, and BBs thinking in general, to death in this thread by now. I think I’m just talking in circles at this point to elaborate further.


He was a proponent of the thread when it was working and strongly moderated it when it was not.


I don’t see anybody else in here… :wink:


I’m a bit late to the party but for the record I’m with @Medievalist on this issue.

Perhaps the use of sock-puppets and brigading will lessen now …


(I wanted to just quote you on that and write nothing down here, but bbs won’t let me.)



What. Are you suggesting that regulars engaged in sockpuppeteering and brigrading? They did not. Even though I was a Regular but a short while, I read a lot of the posts and saw no such behavior. If you were expressing wishes that channers and gators and Trumpists would cease, on that sentiment we are agreed.