Treasure Island Music Festival on the San Francisco Bay, October 13-14

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Did you guys ever get that Ford Connect finished to take to events like this? Iā€™ve forgotten to follow the articles and I lost track.

That Ford has been lost for years and years. It was at a few events. We have no idea why or when, but Ford turned it over to Top Men and had it stored someplace safe, for a time when America really needs it.

ā€¦ Treasure, where the wolf-men and the death-cookies hung, the bad crazies chased off the bridge to haunt the woods there? Been a Navy base there, Skinner said, but a plague put paid to that just after the Little Grande, something that turned your eyes to mush, then your teeth fell out. Treasure Island fever, like maybe something crawled out of a can at that Navy place, after the earthquake. So nobody went there now, nobody normal.

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