Treasure Islands: EU publishes a blacklist of 17 tax-havens and a long-list of runner-up tax avoidance jurisdictions


I suppose it depends which authorities you’re trying to hide money from.

I can say from my experience that if you are trying to find out the ultimate ownership of a company, hitting a jurisdiction that either doesn’t require registration of officers/members or doesn’t make the register available to the public brings you to a dead halt.

According to Mossack Fonseca at least, it doesn’t. Not if you undertake no trading activity in the US and have no US source income.

They actually go through the alleged benefits quite well in their marketing material:


It seems that BB automagically changes your link to https (which doesn’t work).
Either use L0ki’s link above and change the https to http, or take the below and remove the spaces.
http:// www.mossfon. com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Wyoming-Features.pdf

(PS, I notice they’re using a wordpress based blog system, that’s brave of them.)


Oops - hadn’t notice that. Thank you for pointing it out.

Note to self: remember to check links actually work once posted in future…


BTW, they forgot to mention their own “legal” TAX havens:
Back in 2013:

And just in 2016:


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