Triple Chaser: a short documentary that uses machine learning to document tear gas use against civilians, calling out "philanthropist" Warren Kanders for his company's war-crimes

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It just makes me wanna cry.


This kind of thing is/was technology’s original inspiring and revolutionary ideal of making the ‘means of production’ (now including ‘means of distribution’ and even ‘means of computation’) open to all. It’s no surprise potentially revolutionary tools often get appropriated by those already in power to further consolidate their power (easier for them since they have such a head start already) but this kind of project in this post is such a great reminder of what can be done by clever people with good hearts. More please.


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I agree. But I’m also glad that someone’s out there trying to do something about it.

Or ethical behavior.

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So fucking good.
Solid, thorough, and most likely rather expensive research.
Very little pathos. None of the creators trying to make a name for themselves or get in front of the camera.
More of this stuff please.


If we are not allowed to live in dignity, then we shall ensure the capitalist class dies in agony.

I look forward to hearing more from these folks.

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