Trollcakes: sleuthing bakers will hunt down your trolls, inscribe their hate in icing, and deliver edible words

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wait… I love cake, but I don’t like hurting people’s feelings. How mean do I have to be to get a free cake?


I’m skeptical here - seems like this would only work if the troll proudly displayed their real identity, which often isn’t going to be the case. If they really had the ability to consistently figure out where troll/hate messages are coming from, that would be the more valuable service. People could track down those making rape/death threats (and instead of giving them a nice frosted brownie, nail-gun the offender’s hands to their keyboard).


Sure, I saw that - but how far does $60 get you in tracking down an online troll (given that the money also goes towards making and sending the cake)? That stops being economically feasible if it requires more than an hour or two’s worth of work. If it were that easy, more internet threats would be getting tracked down that, right now, basically have everyone throwing up their hands and saying, “Oh, there’s nothing we can do to find the person,” because, at best, it requires too much labor. If this is legit, I suspect if it’s not obvious who the person is, they may simply decline to accept your order. But I have other doubts about the business model that involves paying money to reward those who abuse you online. Everything about it seems more like an art project/joke than a functional service.


For someone you’re glad is leaving : BYE FELICIA

If I got a troll cake I would 100% not eat it.

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