Troll Cakes turns nasty comments into delivered pastry

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This assumes you actually have an address for the troll who made the comment.

Also, why reward these jackasses with free cake?


Hopefully there’s something nasty in the icing.

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The label in the box says “bakery and detective agency.”

I think that they’re claiming that they’ll track the trolley down for you. Which is pretty creepy.


If it’s a Facebook comment, you don’t exactly need to be a private eye to track them down. Hell, if you wanted, you could have cakes sent to their employer, their entire families, and every one of their teachers from high school.

Would you eat baked goods that someone randomly delivered you? Come on, I can’t be the only person here who’s seen Van Wilder.


Ha this is so awesome. And a good step less offensive (and legally actionable) than sending them a turd:

Also, at first I thought this was a service that turns a comment into a virtual cake graphic, for posting online. Which would also be pretty awesome.


I think that would be classified as “assault,” and the people behind TrollCakes would be imprisoned.

After all, they stick their website on anything they deliver, and their website states that they’re in NYC, so they probably wouldn’t be too hard to track down themselves.

According to their FAQ, they’re safe to eat and tasty.

And they’ll send one to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for a discounted price.


I think the old maxim “Don’t feed the trolls” still stands here. I guess the idea is that you are doing the trolling, but the people who say these sorts of things also love to see it getting under their victim’s skin. Most of them would take the cake and laugh.__


Can you pay extra for facial delivery?


I like that her name just happens to be an anagram for Kek That.


What if it’s just a nice salty icing?

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Option 3: Tiny Hands Special
Bigly satisfying.
We’ll send a trolley Cake of your preferred Trump tweet to the White House.


Did Trump start this company? I mean, we all know how much he loves cake.

I have lost my appetite.

It pains me to admit this, but yes, I probably would. To be fair, I really love baked goods.

Not these baked goods though. Too hateful.

… I should probably avoid it.

Not half as much as Van Wilder’ dog.

Obvious troll is obvious

##The cake is a lie##

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Black Mirror already did this one. Too incompetent and lazy to find a screen cap image.

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