Tropic of Kansas: Making America Great Again considered harmful

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Chris Brown – long known as a writer of perfect, jewel-like demented cyberpunk stories – makes his long-overdue novel debut today with Tropic of Kansas; a hilarious, dark, and ultimately hopeful story of a terrible authoritarian president whose project to Make America Great Again has plunged the country into an authoritarian collapse that’s all too plausible.


Link at the bottom says “Tropic of Cancer.” Which is a fine book by Henry Miller, but not the one in the article.


Didn’t we already see this book review? Not that I’m complaining, it’s nice this time too.

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“President Haig?” I’m guessing GHW Bush was somehow eliminated too?

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Wouldn’t be a stretch from his “I’m im charge here” in 81 during Regan’s assassination attempt for this fictional world for him to pull something similar (military coup maybe?)

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