Free e-copy of Sinclair Lewis' "It Can't Happen Here"


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I cannot emphasize this enough.



But if you download it, your name goes on The List. Is TOR still trustworthy?


Probably, but if you download it, your name goes on The List anyway.

You need to be connected through Tor before you can safely download Tor.


I sure do wish I lived in a country with that more reasonable copyright term of life + 50 years. So much knowledge and so many orphaned works would be opened up to everyone, rich and poor.

To anyone else in the USA: Published works will finally start entering the public domain again in 2019. If Big Media lobbies Congress for yet another extension to the copyright term in the next few years, make your voice heard: The copyright term is already far too long, it would be unconscionable to extended it any further.


The problem with this book is Lewis forgot to add the (sarcasm) tag to the title.


This is the guy who wrote Babbit. It’s basically implied in anything he wrote that’s longer than a grocery list.


More liberal claptrap promoted by Hillary and her pathetic losers. Doesn’t compare to the great Tom Clancy. Sad


I actually checked the age of your profile before deciding “yes, this is intended as satire.” If we were anywhere but bb, I’d have checked your previous comment history as well, just be sure.


It’s also the same guy who wrote Elmer Gantry, which I also strongly recommend you read ASAP.


Ha. Yeah…snark and reality exist uncomfortably close to each other these days. That said, it might be fun to post this on an alt-right venue just to watch the vile affirmation pour in.


I love Sinclair Lewis.

I love this book.

That is all.

Well, for now.

Accidental (or Incidental) BBS Poetry

Can’t say I ‘loved’ this book, more like feared itl
Please! Get it. Read it.
Such an important cautionary tale.
It’s hard to believe that it was written in 1935.
81 years ago is no excuse. Wake up people!


I suggest you read the history of the US (and the UK) in the 1930s. You had Lindbergh, we had Mosley. The prospect of fascism was very real. But for Churchill, it’s conceivable that the UK would have reached a peace deal with Germany.


Worries that ICHH wouldn’t be a commercial success in 1936 Germany:
"A film that showed the advantages of democracy over fascism could never be made in Hollywood in the 1930s because of political pressure stemming from Hitler’s Germany, whose market was simply too lucrative for the studios to ignore."


Any day Elmer Gantry can get mentioned is a good day indeed (well, within context), but why would you assume I haven’t read it?


I’m glad you (specifically) have read it, but I was using the generic you. To anyone who hasn’t read It Can’t Happen Here or Elmer Gantry, now is the time to do so.


I just started reading Childhoods End for funsies yesterday. Seems that I have two more on deck!


Even I, a mere foreigner, have read Elmer Gantry. It was a while ago though.


Is it relatable to you? Elmer Gantry is a very American book.