Trump: Civil War didn't need to happen, could have been "negotiated"

A brief and incomplete list of attempts to negotiate to prevent the American Civil War:

The 3/5ths Compromise
The Missouri Compromise
The Wilmot Proviso (which failed)
The Compromise of 1850
The Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854
The Crittendon Compromise (which thankfully failed since it would have formally enshrined slavery into the Constitution)

Trump thinks the Civil War is a conflict that just sprang into being in 1861, I guess, with no history behind it whatsoever. There were almost 100 years of negotiations and compromises over slavery, trying to prevent war, before the Civil War broke out. This nonsensical babble coming out of his mouth should be the basis for disqualification. Like, the Supreme Court should listen to this and go, “Ok, yeah, no he can’t be President again.”