Trump FCC official publicly lying about censorship on municipal broadband


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As a current resident of Chattanooga, I can categorically assure anyone who reads these words that everything that the shit weasel FCC Commissioner Mike O’Rielly said about EPB Fiber Optic (run by, and installed by, the Electric Power Board of Chattanooga) is a bald-faced lie.

I have never had internet service so good, and if it breaks they are here the next day to fix it. They also offer television and phone service which is equally reliable and robust. True Gigabit speed is a miraculous thing to observe. One can’t imagine it until you see it in action.

The sad part of the story is that Congressperson Marsha Blackburn and the incumbent ISP’s have lashed back at EPB and bought the state legislature so that it has blocked expansion of the service to surrounding areas - something that they had planned to do. It’s medieval to see one house inside the service footprint and the house next door outside the service footprint. The digital divide here is stark. Children have to go next door or to the library to do their homework.


An administration official? Lying? Say it isn’t so!


They’re turning into Orwell’s Party, freedom is slavery indeed.


Seems to me that the first amendment would actually have to be enforced on a municipal network because the first amendment deals with government censorship.



And yet the same FCC attacks net neutrality which basically makes that sort of censorship legal on privately ran ISPs. Um, wut?


So he admits that right leaning supporters are more likely to violate the TOS by saying hateful racist things? Got it


Trump official lying. Is that not the job description? He will probably get a “Good Boy” star in his personnel file for that.


Lying liars lying. When a conservative opens their mouth, lies issue forth.


The irony makes the head spin, does it not?


Can you see the service footprint in the housing prices?

I know when we looked for a house recently, if it didn’t have good internet available, it was immediately off the list.


Sounds like the EPB has ground for a libel lawsuit. Who knows how much business they’re losing because of this guy telling lies.


He was being interviewed, so that would be slander, not libel. (kind of the reverse of the Spiderman gif)


I mean, presumably their terms of service preclude criminal lying, defamation, and incitement of violence. Seeing as that’s a large swath of what right-wing political viewpoints consist of these days, he’s technically not wrong that such rules would silence the right-wing.


Hah! Nice try, EPB of Chattanooga. This is clearly disgusting and shameless propaganda you’ve auto-inserted into citizen philbin1’s internet stream to replace his original message. Which was probably something along the lines of “Help! My public internet is evil! Someone tell Comcast I need them to save me! I’ll pay ANYTHING!!!”


Right. Thanks


You got it right.

The day after A.Pie announced his plan to destroy net neutrality, EPB ran a splash page on their website declaring their fealty to the idea of, and preservation of, net neutrality on their network.

I’ve never been so proud of this backwater when I saw that.


In a word, YES.


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