Trump goes to Supreme Court asking for OK to enforce racist asylum ban


I still hate that he got confirmed by the Senate but it sure would be satisfying to see Kavanaugh deliver a hard “no” the first time Trump was really counting on his loyalty.


Don’t you have to actually BE IN THIS COUNTRY to request asylum?


Catch-22 is a helluva catch

Actually I think they (alternately) can be asking for entry at a port of entry, but I’m no lawyer so I may be wrong.



you mean like this:


I think he might be worried the US could go the way of Nazi Germany who was destroyed by rampant, unfettered illegal immigration. In a few short years immigrants - who not only didn’t speak a lick of German, but had no interest in assimilating - streamed into Germany from places like Russia, the UK, and even America. Risking long treks on foot in the snow, or in small, rickety boats across the channel, they overwhelmed the physical barriers at the borders and almost immediately began a series of violent acts that eventually lead to the downfall of the German government. Some real bad hombres.

It really is a cautionary tale if you think about it.

#NeedsMoreLikes (formerly known as "All the Likes")

That was a legal blow for the Republican establishment but let’s be honest: Trump doesn’t really care about abortion. He only started pretending to when advisors said he had to be “Pro-Life” if he wanted to run as a Republican.

Rebuking his administration on border enforcement is something he would take really, really personally.


I suppose you can also seek asylum on a Nuclear Vessel.


Step 1) … ?
Step 2) have nuke sub
Step 3) request assylum


Uh, what makes you think he will?


Not predicting, just hoping.


What’s step 4?



Step 4) profit?


And it’s not even a Friday yet.


You are kinder than I am. I wouldn’t even wish him merry christmas, and I’d shit in his stocking, set it on fire, and throw it in his face.


LOL! “Mike Pence has gone full Weekend at Bernie’s”

Maybe it’s just the beer and weed but that’s the funniest thing I’ve read in a while. :slight_smile: He was pretty mannequinish during the Trump Tantrum Hour.


Heh. Interesting take on it. I upvoted you for what the MAGA-hats would completely miss as “sarcasm”…


Tornado blows you back to start.


Because he always goes to starboard in the bottom half of the hour.