Four Corners is an Australian bastion of investigative journalism that has been thoroughly kicking arse for more than fifty-six years. They do not fuck around.

And they’ve been doing a number on Trump - the first of a two-parter aired last week, with the second part being broadcast in about 24 hours. If you’re in Oz or you have a VPN, you can see these top-notch journos go for the throat until July 4th, with the next ep being up until a week later.

ETA: now without Flash! Part 2:

Part 3:


The Adobe Flash player plug-in is required to watch video on the iview website.

Seriously? It’s 2018 people, get on with it!


You’d think investigative journalists would use more secure plugins

To be fair, the neocon scum keep cutting funding to the ABC, cause Auntie stands for truth and beauty, while the coalition are fucking filth.

OTOH, it’s hard to believe fucking Flash wasn’t already on the outer when iView became a thing…

If only Four Corners had its own site.


Despite the relentless assault, good old Auntie keeps kicking goals.

Removal of Flash
As announced in March 2018, the ABC iview development team has been working hard to bring HTML5 (DRM) streaming onto the iview website, removing the need for the Adobe Flash Player plugin. This upgrade has required extensive changes to the website, along with our video processing and delivery systems. The iview website no longer requires you to download, install or allow Flash. The website is best viewed using the following OS and browser combinations:

Operating System Supported Browsers
Microsoft Windows Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, IE 11*
Apple macOS Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari
Linux Google Chrome, Firefox

  • Please Note: Internet Explorer is only supported on Windows 8.1 and above. Due to limitations with IE on Windows 7, users are encouraged to use Google Chrome or Firefox instead.


Part 3 up.


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