Trump Unicorn Chasers


Just thinking we need a happy place. Please post anything that can bring us joy. Anything.



I’ll look for something with more substance later, but for now, here’s a red panda doing pull-ups:


Thank you. I’m getting swamped in the nuttiness right now and I needed that panda.


Twitter is my happy place right now…,


It always makes me happy to know something like this exists:


lots of booze…gallons and gallons of it.

but just for you

He’s working on those arms!


Wait for it… or just advance to 4:40 if you just want to jump to the nice concert with those ladies who rehearsed the song online together.


My new “office manager” enforcing my OSHA break. She’s also a health benefit as she helps to reduce my stress. (OK, so as a consultant, I’m not entitled to OSHA breaks, but no one tell her that, alright?):


Awww. Cutie.




I was temped to make this very thread, and your chosen name is far better than mine would have been.

here are some kittens.


Doesn’t she know it, too? I wish I could get a clear recording of her meow. It’s more of a chirp, really.

Of course she’s also a fierce defender of the house. Yesterday there was a UPS delivery. Agatha heard the noise of the truck and leapt to the window so she could peer out at it. As the guy walked across the lawn to the door, she look down into the yard from our upstairs office window and started growling at him!


One of my kttehs is a Turkish Van (or rather, a Vanalike, because he is an adopted cat, not a purebred). He doesn’t hardly ever meow, but he loves to chirp at the birds. The only time I ever hear him meow is if he is in distress or wants food. I hear him talk so little that I don’t recognize his voice when he does use it. My other kitteh can be quite chatty and we have a whole repertoire from “let me out, human” to “I am here to sit beside you” to “food, now, human.”



This one never fails to make me smile.