Trumpism in Gambia: "marbles" election sparks internet shutdown

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Maybe the USA should do likewise.

It’s impractical, there’s too many things on a given ballot for that to really work in the US. I voted on 25 offices and 4 bond measures here in NC and we’re kind of low compared to places like California where ballot measures for laws are a thing. That would have required 65 different buckets and doesn’t handle write ins at all. Also you might end up with another Florida 2000 problem, some dimpled chads were caused by the waste basket filling up making it impossible to properly punch them out, and your marble buckets get full.

Bubble form scantron sheets I think works the best. It’s simple to understand, extremely fast to count digitally, and simple to hand recount.

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Oh no, I meant maybe we should turn off the internet for a while before voting. Would anybody die from a week without tweets?

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