Trump's FCC seems to have ended the practice of releasing its ISP speed-tests, leaving Americans in the dark about what they're paying for


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well of course he has . . .



There’s only one reason why they would hide those reports, they contain information that makes the ISPs look even worse than they already do. Their donations in action.


Verizon’s network was down for most of the East Coast yesterday, do you think he cares if it’s off, slow or stopped? Not a chance.


Information asymmetry is a dodgy businessperson’s best friend.


I wonder if the FCC would lift a finger if somebody chose to hide Ajit Pai for a while?


I’d like to ask if that’s even possible, but it’s like saying things can’t get any worse. Silly.


Of course he does. Down gets in the way of his shares.


think of how many years it’s going to take to restore all the horrors this administration has created, if they are doing this to ISPs imagine what they are doing to the EPA - then when someone else has to spend all kinds of money to fix everything years from now, they will be accused of blowing up the debt/deficit

by the way, these might help check for throttling:


Windstream usually is near the bottom of speed rankings of providers. South Carolina is suing them for false claims; Georgia politicians are too damned stupid to understand the concept of truth in advertising/sales and the company has monopolies all over N GA. I believe the Arkansas based company is Dixie Mafia or Huckabee linked: high prices, shoddy service.


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