Try this freaky webcam tool to transform your image in weird ways

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Oh man, forget background replacement, this is what I need for my meetings.

I feel like I should be in the Watchmen now



This needs to be a Zoom filter. Like right now.


If you want to use interesting filters on Zoom, download Snap Camera.

It’s from Snapchat, but you don’t need to get a snapchat account to use it. It creates a new camera device that you can select in Zoom (or anything else), and will apply filters to the image from the built-in cam.

Here’s the “Potato” lens. Yes, it tracks your eye and lip movements.


That’s pretty neat!

I really wish it had a camera selection button. Opening it on my surface, it selects the camera facing away from me.

It’s working for me in Chrome on my Surface. Head to Chrome settings, search for ‘Camera’, then select the front facing camera:

Thanks for that suggestion… It never occurred to me to look specifically at the browser settings… Now I can even play with the IR camera…

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Interesting! That’s the only app I’ve seen that shows the IR cam as being selectable… rabbit hole time, more toys!

I had to look at the results with two other webcam html programs I’d come across in the past…

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Handy tutorial page about HTML5 web cam support, with a preview control:

IR cam is interesting. Wonder if there’s any way of making it show up in Skype or Teams… :thinking:

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