TSA orders airport valets to search parked cars

Oh, for crying out loud. ROCHESTER? Not that this wouldn’t be bad enough anywhere, but the TSA at ROC has an absolutely horrible reputation for larceny. I live here and work on the road. Been doing more driving in the past few years, but back when it was planes every week, every single little McNiel security bag-search tag was associated with something missing. It was like they were just a taunt: “We’ve got your stuff! You can’t do anything about it!”

And now these junior G-men are now going to be rifling through cars? Using valet parking to avoid the arduous 15 yard walk from the garage to the terminal is a lame enough idea already. If this is going to be happening it’s practically insane.

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There is a sign at the valet booth saying your car will be searched. The woman said it wasn’t there when she dropped her car off and the valet people won’t say when the sign was put up but they’ve been doing the searches for about a month. But the woman said she’s fine with the search she just wanted to be informed about it.

whats’s the big deal … aren’t the valet search your car anyhow? for valuables that is …

will they receive security training? how long until they can carry guns?

Because someone with ill-intent is too lazy to park their own car?

Y’know, you could simply elect new legislators.

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And if you don’t like the way your car runs, you can repaint it. Presto! New car.


Since when are valets trained for the bomb squad? And also, wouldn’t searching a car that could have a bomb inside, possibly trigger it?

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Valet: Somebody set up us the bomb.
TSA: All your car are belong to us!

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Of course, this is what a valet key is for…

(Some cars come with an extra key that will only open the doors and operate the ignition but not open the trunk or glove compartment. )

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That was my first thought. My second thought was my glove box and trunk crowbarred open because the locks weren’t TSA approved.

You guys have one of the oldest continuing governments on Earth, democratic (if not fully) from the beginning.

You have exactly the administration you keep electing.

This is kind of what happens if they find a bomb:

Largely because the system is designed so the same kinds of guys that get elected keep getting elected. Who rigged the system? The guys that keep getting elected.


Circular reasoning that doesn’t explain why the heavily armed populace of the US doesn’t overthrow the government.

Because that same government controls the largest military the world has ever seen. Having an AR-15 doesn’t mean much when a drone strike can wipe out your whole block.


There has been a backdoor in Windows since Windows 95. This super program to spy on anyone has been around well before 9/11/2001. That means thousands and thousands of government officials have been break the law since then. Big, big law breaking for a long time.


Repeal the Patriot Act.

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Is it still legal to film unpaid operatives of the government?

Really? It’s funny? I use valet parking at Heathrow because I travel with my family, and the rates are so good it beats all forms of public transport bar the tube or bus, which would both make my journey an extra 3 hours of hell with angry little hell demons from Hell getting angrier at each interchange.

I don’t leave anything in the car except air.