Tumblr's shoplifting community is organized, politically conscious, and at war with weightlifters


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As a life-long athlete, the gym is a place that you can get your belongings stolen and you can get unwanted gifts given. I’m a victim of both…


Sooo - what gifts did you receive? What a 55 year old shaven ball sack looks like?

And re: the article… man I hate thieves. Especially thieves who don’t NEED to steal. And then they gloat about it…

I can’t say I have never stolen something. One time I took a couple tubes of paint from the Union Bookstore as I had no job and had to finish my work by the dead line. Not my proudest moment, certainly wouldn’t be posting about it online showing off my “lift”. WTF is wrong with people…


Apparently a lot is wrong with people.


How was this not in the first comment? You guys are slipping!


“If you do get caught, tell them: This is not petty theft. This is non-violent resistance to a violent and oppressive economic system in which we are trapped.”

Now, THAT is a truly impressive, genuinely world-class bit of bullshit rationalization.

Stealing lipstick as an act of “non-violent resistance.”



If they want to make an unambiguous political statement, they should lift the stuff and then burn it! Think of the vids!


I lived for years on free food that I didn’t have the money to buy. Anti-capitalism can be pretty pragmatic. It’s all those people chanting, “Think how great it could be!” or, “Think how much worse it could be!” who are the least pragmatic and the most pie-in-the-sky.


Well sure, stealing food to survive is kind of a different thing than what is described in this article, though?


Been caught stealing, once, when I was five…!


They’re the heroes the world deserves, but not the ones it needs right now. So we’ll hate them. Because they can take it. Because they’re not our heroes. They’re silent guardians, watchful protectors. These light-fingered lasses.


I think it’s telling that for the first couple of seasons Marie Schrader was probably the least-likable character in a TV show about murderous meth dealers.


But when rich white men do it everyone gets all bent out of shape…


I really hate it when people actually act like the Right’s stupidest stereotypes of liberals. (Meaning both the community and the article.)



Really, stealing make-up and bras and little overpriced whatsits is literally cute. I don’t want to seem unsupportive of the young criminals, but I got to side with the meatheads on this one. That shit ain’t even heavy.


gimmie back that baby, you warthog from hell!



But when they grow up they will start stealing grownup things like stadiums and quarries.

edit: s/steeling/stealing/