Turing Phone?

Anyone heard about this thing?

Looks…funky and there’s some interesting sounding claims about being ‘unhackable’.

And it’s made of ‘Liquidmorphium’.

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Hmmm… He’s promising alot.
A full overhaul of Android making it unhackable, as well as a new user interface and apps.
Just saying that’s alot of work that takes major companies a long time to do.

And the Liquid metal… that’s cute, but its not the shell of a phone that usually breaks. Cheap platstic survives just fine.


That’s pretty funky. About time we saw some amorphous metal stuff.

As for the ‘Turing coin’, I’ll await the wisdom of the crowd before passing judgement…

The waterproofing is pretty neat… if I could get that stuff in a can, I’d give my phone the treatment.

Look what I saw in the related articles!

Gonna come with C64 and Amiga emulators, neato! But 3000mAh, a huge battery?

THL says LOL.


Okay, since I already started a phone thread.

Anybody see this one?

The Kickstarter’s exploded, going to go waaay past their target. Anyone fancy trusting their stuff to some random company’s cloud server?

Also, did anyone see the new Microsoft Lumia renders? I kinda want my next phone to be a Windows Phone, but…meh.

Hmm, interesting. Revolutionary colorful rectangle technology. It generates heat and microwaves, has a grid of tiny illuminated squares, and even an image acquisition portal, and it even comes with a non-standard charging port you can’t get the cable for from anyone else besides Femtoflaccid.

Sweet deal…

ETA: Ah, I see it’s USB-C, and that’s why I didn’t recognize the charging port. So, it’ll have a charging port different from all the cellphones made in the last 5 years besides Apple’s iPhone.

Not a fair diss, since USB-C will be ubiquitous in a couple of years or so.

Also, pretty sure Apple’s connector isn’t USB-C, although it may have inspired it.


True. I must’ve been angry about something. But I do get that USB-C will eventually be the charging standard.

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