Commodore PET cellphone

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A Chinese smartphone with a Commodore logo and a couple of emulators. All done by a couple of Italian guys who bought the rights to the name. As a Commodore lover, I find this “PET” cellphone quite offensive.

It just seems like a well executed plan to bank on nostalgia. I don’t like that.

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I look forward to ‘Commodore’ going bankrupt again.


I liked the ‘commodore 64’ pc case better than this. Even then I disliked it pretty much for being too expensive for what it was.

Does it have the weird keyboard and character set for constructing graphics?

And why isnt it a trapezoid?

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Yes, I was waiting for the ‘best of’ bluetooth keyboard with extra glyphs on it, software/cardboard immersion adapter, easy LSI mcu breakout and cartridge emu. credentials. Some kind of projection, maybe. Not a Cydia module.

Gotta say that decent audio processor equipment in a phone goes a long way towards making something composed on the digital equivalent of a cigarbox banjo listenable.

Also, handing 5.25" floppies to your friends is going to be pretty secure messaging, if immediate modem noises don’t give it away. Check for that _darkcomedy android flag…

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