Turn any shower into a luxury experience with this jumbo showerhead

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This is sick.

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The average person showers 6.7 times a week? Eeeewww! That’s a lot of days with no showering.

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Each of the 276 holes is machine-drilled to perfection with a proprietary drill bit. The holes are drilled with a circular vortex trajectory enabling the perfect pressure shower experience for our customers.

If this is true (is it?) it might make for an interesting topic on BB.

We recently bought a low-flow showerhead (from these guys) that operates on diffraction. It has only one hole, so it is a very different paradigm from the one in the BB shop.

This sounds like a water waster that doesn’t meet California’s 1.8 gallons per minute standard. I can’t find any flow rate data for this shower listed on the seller’s site, or anywhere else.

Edit: on the Amazon listing it claims a 2.5 gpm rate, but also claims to be "Compliant with the California Energy Commission…standards " :thinking:


A real water saver then…




I secretly covet this aparati as well. I do have this one, $29.00 from Amasuckzon, it’s for our outdoor shower, so not used that much…


I wonder about pressure getting too dispersed. I don’t wanna feel like I’m being peed on.

It would be nice if the water flowed at a thumping level, but in most homes? Not likely.


Sometimes people have baths, if that makes you feel any better.

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Especially in rural areas, water pressure is non existent. The cheapie one here does preform Ok, but
not like Niagara Falls. We use it to wash off the ranch dust in warmer months, not spa the day away, so’s not to track the mud/dirt/yuck into the house…


Depends on if you’re at the tag end of a long city water line, or if you have a well with a pump. You may even have a small booster pump if your water pressure is that low. On Ye Olde Homestead, we used rain catchment for our water source with a pump in the basement to move it about. In previous years, the owner had a well with its own pump, but it hadn’t worked in years, and the rain cistern worked fine for our needs most times.

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Ok if younger people are spending more time in the shower wasting a precious resource, how bout we get them to use a lower flow shower head instead of a giant sieve.

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I hope you don’t mind my asking, how many days are in a week where you come from?

I don’t mind that at all.

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