Turn your old iPhone into a Dieter Rams style desktop radio


Mark! Ever since the so-called “smartphone revolution” I’ve been dying to see what happens to all of these touch-screen, super-portable computers after their main life is over. Customizing them to be controllers for other applications seems like something we’re not doing nearly enough of. If you know of any, I’d love to see more websites and/or knowledge bases about this sort of thing.

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Spectacularly ugly by Rams’s standards: the speaker perforations are really unfortunate… Here’s what the TP1 portable turntable looked like:

many companies have made a very good business using inspiration from dieter rams!
here is my shelf system inspired by his 606 shelf system www.modeller.ca
remixing ya!

I’ll second that, I’ve been playing around with Arduino’s for the past 5 years and have been trying to think of way to integrate my old iPhone 3GS into some of my bigger projects. For the time being it just sits in a dock in my study and I use it for listening to internet radio. Seems like a waste though with all the processing power it’s capable of.

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