Turn your photography and videography hobby into a career

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Firstly let me state that I cannot be arsed to click the link and look at this course.
But a course in how to be a better photographer does not automatically precede turning it into a career. Nothing in the blurb mentioned parts of the course dedicated to ‘becoming a pro’, ‘setting up a photo business’ or similar topics. The disconnect between headline and product is … what I should have expected.
Also, there are too many photographers, everyone thinks they are a pro, and thus it is one of the hardest businesses to make a full-time, profitable career in.


I’ve been shooting photos with artistic intent for 40ish years. I went to art school to become a professional photographer. I also mentored under a fashion photographer for some time. What I discovered was that attaching economic concerns to photography ruined it for me. Cudo’s to those that can do it successfully. My suggestion is to do it because you love it not because you think it is the easy path to getting rich.

If you really think going pro is the only path for you then spend at least half your time expanding your business knowledge as that is what will be the bigger stumbling block for a person with solid photographic skills from what I have seen from friends attempts.


The course could be decent, but the “discount” on BBStore

is a literally unbelievable 97% off. I think it is a rather safe bet that nobody on earth actually paid $1,393 for this video course.


Isn’t professional photography one of those careers that disruptors have pretty much killed as far as being able to make a living from is concerned?

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