Frame, snap, edit: take your camera skills from basic to pro with this bundle from Adobe KnowHow

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But if you really want to take your pics to the professional level, you need Adobe.

I say you need a darkroom and a bucket of Rodinal.


Yes, @shaddack, I think your theory is getting more plausible with each new post.

I’m a little worried, though, that “you’ll never look at a photograph the same way again” means these courses cause synesthesia… :open_mouth:


Dear anyone considering wedding photography, talk to people who’ve done it before hopping in. Working every weekend for low pay, heavy competition, and customers who often have unrealistic expectations might not be as fun as it sounds. Or so I’ve heard from people who do it, I’d work retail before being a wedding photographer.

On the other hand, photoshopping things can be fun, though you really can sort out how to do that for free.

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