Shoot like a pro with the Hollywood Art Institute Photography Course & Certification

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Used, at a buck twenty three is also a hell of a bargain.


The Hollywood Art Institute Photography Course & Certification usually runs almost $2,600, so grab access to this course now at over 90% off until the offer expires.

now only $19.99 in the Boing Boing Store.

Over 90% off? Don’t be so modest! That’s over 99% off! And I’m sure that initial $2600 valuation is on the up-and-up, too.


Chapter 1: Acquire a spouse that can pay the majority of your living expenses, is pulling insurance for both of you, won’t care that you are spending thousands of dollars on glass, lights, software, and fabric boxes, won’t care that you don’t have any money or clients, and is ok with you being busy on nights and weekends.

Chapter 2: How to give customers the world, and get paid almost nothing in return.


Woah there, isn’t this called the Hollywood Art Institute? In that case, shouldn’t it be all about teaching you how to create what was popular last year using famous brands you can tie in with? Something like Snickers, The Movie, staring Adam Sandler?


It’s two doors down the hall from the Hollywood Upstairs Medical College.


I love how the “Photography Education Accreditation Council” is hosted on the same server as Hollywood Art Institute. 3361 IN A 3359 IN A

Accreditation is great! Let’s make up our own!


Somehow I got the impression that BoingBoing didn’t want us shooting like pros…

What a scam. Improve your photos from Day One, if you are indeed one day old. From an instructor who can’t even pronounce ‘photography’ and writing that would make a grade school English dropout cringe. Not worth the ones and zeros it’s printed on. I guess BB has about as much ethics with what they sell as Trump.

f64, here we come!


They aren’t Floozies! They’re models!

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