Take Better Photos WIth The Hollywood Art Institute Photography Course & Certification, Now 98% Off

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When do we get to the stuff with the five-9s discounts?


In spite of BoingBoing deciding to “monetize its brand”, or whatever the latest crop of sociopathic marketing MBAs call it, you’d think that there would be some kind of vetting process on these offers.“98% off” should be a clue that the the touted accreditation and certification aren’t worth the photons used to display them. There are plenty of online photography courses for beginners that are in the same price range that don’t have such a scammy odor emanating from them. Come on, team BoingBoing, you can do better.


Seriously though, the BB folks are simply not the best managers of their personal brands (and collective brand).

Marketing ain’t where they’re strong, and this being the webby future, someone who is strong in those areas is willing to step up and pay for the privilege of doing it for them.

Cue unintended results.

Honestly I wouldn’t do better. Yeah, they could vet this stuff, but then they’re doing the ad-servers’ jobs. That isn’t what they’re good at and the bills still need paying.

It’s the price of bOING. You must decide for yourself if it’s worthwhile.

I find the backlash entertaining.

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Yes, they sound like a long established institution and can be trusted to uphold the highest standards of educational rigour. They’re not going to be handing out accreditations like Smarties!

Domain Registered On
June 09, 2015


Also, I kind of expected the “Hollywood Art Institute” to be somewhere other than a house in Utah…
Their site would appear to be hacked, BTW.

In totally unexpected news, both domains were registered by the same person!


Of course, I demand that I be served bespoke, artisanal ads curated by Kevin Kelly while he’s hunched over a recycled manual typewriter keyboard. Or they could just point to thinkgeek or a wishlist of cool stuff on Amazon and be done with it.


You’re a stronger opponent than I anticipated.

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