Learn studio photography techniques and more with the Hollywood Art Institute course

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This “institute” looks less legitimate than Trump University! I can find no information about it online other than its websites and its ads—it doesn’t appear that anyone has ever taken courses from them, except for the one “student” quoted on their website.

The Hollywood Art Institute? Why does their website show San Fransisco? This operation probably isn’t even located in California. It’s probably Hollywood, Florida.

Why do they claim their site is secure when it isn’t?

What supposed “art institute” doesn’t have any designers on hand to make a good looking website?

Shouldn’t their website show the work of their students and teachers? The website doesn’t really give any evidence for the value of its courses. It doesn’t really give any evidence that this is legitimate.

This whole thing is raising tons of red flags for me. It feels fake. I wouldn’t be surprised if they probably do try to teach photography, but I would not give these people money. You don’t even know who they are! Who are they?!? The whole operation screams “we’re either incompetent entrepreneurs or scammers (or both)—that’s why were don’t want you to know who we are”.

What does that even mean? What legitimate, recognized certification can an unaccredited and unknown institution provide for $19???

@jlw: I’m sorry about this—I know you’re trying to run a business. However, I seriously think an advertiser like this hurts the BoingBoing brand. Be careful!

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I worked at the Hollywood Art Institute for a little over a year part time. It is part of a national chain of liberal arts colleges. I can say that they vary quite a bit on quality, but i left after feeling disgust at the level of teacher proficiency, corporate bureaucracy with profit over quality of education, and lack of investment in actual tools and resources to properly teach students at the level of investment these students were paying for. I saw huge hiring of management and marketing staff to sell the brand, but when a course needed a new teacher, many times it was offered to a teacher on staff who was unqualified to teach that course. All in all I felt i a was sometimes participating in a fraud. Certain departments though were doing right by the students, usually because a department head had gone way beyond what they were getting paid for (as in many hours of prep and extra support for students that they were not paid for- which I also did) and cared so much that they made the department good. As to the offer above- 20 bucks is probably fine for a course in photography and I’m sure a worthwhile investment, however I’m also sure its a marketing ploy to actually upsell students to enroll in full college courses. And it is correct that the certification is basically meaningless, though I believe most degrees in liberal arts are pretty much the same even if state/fed certified. It’s really about the level of work you can present in a portfolio or show reel after learning your craft.


Any institution with this kind of name is a fraud. It is that simple.

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Are you referring to The Art Institutes?


The above advertiser is not the The Art Institute of California – Hollywood, it’s a completely different, organization going by a similar name in order to deceive people into thinking they are the The Art Institute of California – Hollywood

It’s some real bullshit, and I’m surprised it’s still here.

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