Turn your sketches into 3D-printed cookie-cutters

Thingiverse’s Cookie Cutter Customizer is a tool for taking doodles and sketches and turning them into 3D-printable cookie-cutters. Thingiverse | Draw and Print Custom Cookie Cutters READ THE REST

I would like to see some 3D printers integrated with a scanner large enough to do faces or similar-sized objects with a software suite that could do the 3D printed equivalent of a paper cameo or cake/jello-mold. Like a little faux “ivory” cameo would the the kind of chachkis I would actually want to take home from some fair or amusement park. Even software (like an effect in CS) that does caricatures would be so sweet.

Funeral masks could be a really baller custom to have return.

If this exists it evades my Google-Fu so please link to it. If this does not exist and you like it and have the will to make it happen then please do. I want to play with that sort of stuff.

I think I’ll just wait until I can just print the cookies themselves…

It’s been done.

Hell, the cookie gun, the thing that looks and works kind of like a caulk gun crossed with a Play-Dough press, is basically a hand powered 3D printer that’s been around for decades at least.

Cake decorating is an even lower-fi 3D printing technique.

Time for a dickerdoodle cookie cutter! (Dickerdoodles being penis-shaped cookies).

I think I’ll just wait until I can just print the cookies themselves…

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I came to say, boy there are going to be a lot of wiener shaped cookies this holiday season.

I bet you could use this to make some awesome tessellated shapes for maximum cookie awesome.

If they aren’t going to be used by very small children, you can make cookie cutters with a pair of snips (or scissors you don’t like) and an empty beer can. Too sharp and fragile for toddlers, though, which is where the 3D printed schtick would be better.

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