Edible sugar 3D printer at CES




Heck, this isn’t really new - we have one of these sorts of things in my office. I call it the coffee printer. It’s a big coffee machine that holds various powders - toner, basically - to create coffee drinks. Vanilla, Chocolate, Milk, Coffee are the CMYK of this “printer.”


I like the idea of creating sugar sculptures that increase the surface area thereby making melt faster.


Is it wrong that I want one just to make ridiculous sugar cubes for my coffee?


Sugar Klein bottles!


I can think of some pornographic sculptures I’d like to make.


Can’t we get some more pictures of its output ffs? Some of us have work to do! (not me:))


Strangely self-indulgent yet appealing at the same time…


Wow, I’ve always wanted to eat a 3D printer.

Oh. Never mind.

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