Skip the coffee shop and get fresh-brewed coffee right from this travel mug-sized brewer

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Yet another $80 gizmo destined for a yard sale.

The circular ‘3D stereo’ brewing process ensures a higher degree of extraction from your K-cup coffee pods or ground coffee.

I still miss kodachrome brewing.

edit: ah, so it’s functionally sort of a low-temperature k-cup percolator.


Emergency Espresso


don’t buy this, this is stupid


You are my coffee making hero.

Yep, that sounds really portable. Well, if you ignore the need to pack an electric kettle so that “you can pour boiling water in”. And what the hell is the USB for? What does the other end of that plug into?

Join the Culture and Gland for Espresso.

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it uses a little water pump to actuate the kcup (or kcup replacement)

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