Turns out that python eggs stick to each other for a bunch of good reasons

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Hey that reminds me of one of my favorite movies!


Well yeah that’s what virtualenv is for.


Should that be ‘shivering’?
I thought I learned a cool new word.

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I don’t like that they keep these animals in such small boxes. Maybe it’s better not to have any pets at all if the options are to take too many of them from the wild, or grow them in tiny boxes. :frowning:

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NairVnV offers to find slavering empty retail-ish space in NYC in the temperature your fave endangered reptile thrives in and populate it with trained-ish things! Kind of takes care of bird troubles. It’s like trending things, you’ll tell your auditor. Is that one of the Rhode Island Corporation things? (Wasn’t it always Carnegie and Giant Ape Hall? Maybe there was already a firm but NY Island Benefit audits in 2017 got it?)

that’s what virtualenv is for

Watch all the cane toads escape from the little dotfile host environment when it rains postscript warnings.

One of my favorite movies!
I was rewatching Alien 9s (ep.1 first half, heartless English dub) today and they capsule animate that scene…or a Chinese remake of it.

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…but most snake species don’t have any parental care, and yet still have eggs that clump together. I suspect the main benefit in these cases is that it reduces the surface area exposed to temperature and moisture* fluctuations.

*Snake eggs, unlike bird eggs, are permeable, and will die if they dry out.

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