TV show hows to send an email in 1984


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So that was what Fred West was doing before he was DIYing


Does it the whole thing?


Dialing a phone! I can still feel it…nothing like muscle memory.


A rotary phone! Nostalgia!


I particularly like his choice of password…


N is for nostalgia.


Totally dig that crazy experimental music over the closing credits!


The phone next to my bed is an old Western Electric rotary. Over the years I replaced it several times with touch-tone phones, which then died at some point. Then back went the immortal Western Electric.


Dude stole my pw.


Oh. My. Word.

Chills of recognition doesn’t even come close, followed Database avidly back then. And I had 4 of the machines she mentioned - handbuilt ZX-81, Spectrum (then later a German spec build of the Sinclair QL - better EM shielding, proper DB-9 ports, luxury!), BBC Micro and a Vic 20.

Part of me is actually trying to convince myself it wasn’t 32 years ago… and when I start figuring how much more powerful my Surface Pro (hell, even some of my old smartphones) is to those, something goes pop in my brain.


I don’t suppose anyone was able to record/convert/use that program at the end?


“The least successful method is to just place a microphone in front of the television set.” Yeah, I bet it is. If that worked even one out of a hundred times, then it would probably also work just to imitate the sound vocally.



ahem “screeEEEeeEEEeeeEEEEeeeeeEEeeEEEeEeEEech.”



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