TV weatherman fired after uttering racial slur on air


you soft-played direct confrontation of a colleague who was saying overtly racist things about another colleague

You wrote this, which definitely talks about what I did wrong. I didn’t soft play anything, and I reported it.

It was mismanaged in many ways. The company went under shortly after that indecent, so it has a happy ending.


What a crock of persecution complex bullshit.


Are we talking about the same incident here? The guy used a racist word, in a speech pattern widely used by white nationalists, on live television. That’s the very definition of embarrassment (not humiliation) in your reference above.


I didn’t see it happen on TV, I saw it here. He embarrassed himself on TV, but he’s being humiliated beyond what happened there. There is a difference.


I think that works in situations where there are relative relationships. But that’s not what we’re talking about here. A racial slur was spoken on television-one that degrades not just an entire group of people, but a an important civil rights leader.

This guy was already in the public eye. He drew even more attention to himself by posting a video on a worldwide platform. He told everyone what happened before Rob or anyone else circulated the story. Neither he you can claim our this post is public humiliation under those circumstances.


Who accidentally inserts that word into Doctor King’s name unless they’re used to doing it in private? That makes no sense.


I’m more gob smacked by the idea that Rob posting about an incident that happened on live tv somehow equates to “bullying, shaming and public humiliation.”


Seriously, this is my last shot at dialog with you about this.

One of the ways in which privileged people mishandle racism (or any form of social discrimination) is by protecting the feelings of the racist over those of the victim of racism. That in itself encourages racism.

I’m not perfect in that regard. Far from it. I’ve been “nice” in confronting friends or relatives on their bullshit before. I’m not proud of it. But I’ve also realized that I’m done with it. No more Mr. Nice Guy with racists, sexists, homophobes, and their apologists/enablers, regardless of the costs to my own relationships. I’d recommend that policy for anyone who really cares about those issues and about the people who are affected by discrimination and abuse.


It’s the same shit that births monstrosities like Brock Turner and his shitty father, who didn’t want his son’s life to be ‘ruined’ because he was caught sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. Poor dear boy.

Fuck him. And fuck this guy who actually had ‘Martin Luther Coon’ in his shitty fucking racist brain. What an asshole.


I was wondering this after reading through the chain. Like this douche gives two fucks about what the “libtards on BoingBoing” think of him?


I’m glad to know I wasn’t the only person thinking of the rapist Brock Turner, and how some people were so mind-bogglingly ‘sympathetic’ to the problems he created for himself.


I’ll add this because I know you and I are in that same boat of family/friends having very diametrically opposed viewpoints to our own…It is one thing when you are dealing with a person face to face with whom you have a working relationship or is a friend or family member. We give those real life interpersonal connections more latitude in hopes of “getting through” to them or perhaps preserving a relationship or dynamic we rely on.

But in this instance…he’s some guy on TV. WHAT IN THE FUCK do I care if his feelings are hurt or he finds out that I didn’t defend him or empathize? He screwed up at work and I am 99.99% sure this was the first the public saw, but NOT the first incident. Zero fucks to give.


This whole thread has put me in an amazingly shitty mood. then I made it worse by looking up Turner’s father’s letter. GAAAAHHHH!!

Some people really, really, really suck.

Can we make the apologists here read this book? Or at least encourage them…?

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Television is a worldwide platform, but WHEC is not a world wide news station. I’d never heard of it before now. That is how things have changed with the internet.

You’ve probably also noticed, the internet isn’t a select panel of experts. There’s no obligation to treat any information with skepticism, so some people see this and presume he must be guilty of being a racist, and he’s treated accordingly.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to single out Rob, although, I would like him to consider that he might be contributing to a larger problem.


Yeah…don’t ever look at a parent’s letter/words when it comes to their kid’s screwing up/doing something horrible. Parents generally are going to bend over backwards to defend their kids. There is nothing objective about a parent’s view.


I actually think we should treat people on the interet as though they were face to face. That girl who messed up her skill testing question? I would damn well hope no one would treat her like that in person. We become apathetic on the internet, and it dehumanizes people. Not the right direction.


I’m not only referring to television, I’m also referring to the Youtube video he posted complaining about his termination, and effectively announcing it to the world.

He’s not being treated any way by the vast majority of people who heard about this, and he will be forgotten within a month or so, provided he doesn’t keep posting videos.

Any individual may choose to abstain from discussing or reading stories that they feel aren’t productive, but that’s all any of us really can do.


A couple points…

  1. in defense of Rob: BB is NOT an AP news source…it’s a blog. Rob is under no requirement to meet some criteria you arbitrarily decide fits some norm or meets some bar. If you don’t like it…don’t read BB. You can voice your opinion and let them know how disappointed you are, I’ve done it…most of us have at one time or another. But say your peace and move the fuck on. No need to hammer it to a bloody pulp.

  2. Same as above when it comes to the internet and treating of people. I’ll tell you the same thing I’d tell First Lady Nostradumbass. I’ll BE BEST when she starts by getting her fucking husband to BE BEST. It’s hard god damn enough to get the real people in my life to act like civil and caring human beings; I am not about to very foolishly expect I can get some ambiguous persona online to do it. I have been active in the online community for a long time and was once a high and mighty influencer in the gaming world…yeah, that shit doesn’t work there, it isn’t gonna work here. Potatoes are gonna potato.


If you want to destroy your faith in humanity, “reading the comments” always does the trick.


I often walk away from these kind of conversations feeling like this:


IMAGINE THAT! Not feeling the need to have to win every discussion or argument against everyone else on the internet? What a concept.