Tweet your ideas for the future of human spaceflight!


Well, this is certainly an idea that lends itself well to 140 characters and hashtags…


On the upside, NASA uses a lot of character saving acronyms. I mean, Closed Ecological Life Support System (CELSS) is the better part of a tweet in itself.

Hey, Mr. Spaceman
Won’t you please take me along
I won’t do anything wrong
Hey, Mr. Spaceman
Won’t you please take me along for a ride

= 134 characters.

Next week: condense it down to a haiku.It has about as much chance of being noticed, or getting budget approval. Bonus points if you make a haiku that’s over 140 characters (possible if you include hashtags or URLs).

Metal, not meat.

Space Escalator.

CELSS would be a big one but it’s not rocket science, it’s biology. So unlikely to get traction here. But the spin-offs on Earth would be endless.

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