Twerking toy dog raises butt and eyebrows


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Cute, with potential to make various prudes comically upset.


I’d pick one up for the office if it didn’t require both a trip to Walmart and supporting the landfill-filling craptoy industry.


If there’s a motor in the crap toy, there’s a salvageable part inside. :stuck_out_tongue:


My niece had a twerking Christmas snowman years ago.


Bonus for the use of George Clinton.


How is it we first heard about this in approving tones? Normally, these things fly under the radar until some parents somewhere wig out and call the cops.


I’d love to see the patent application for this, if it exists.


Somewhere out there, a plushie is experiencing an epiphany!


I gave my daughter a twerking santa before twerking was popular, this dog is too derivative.


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