Twerking toy dog raises butt and eyebrows

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Cute, with potential to make various prudes comically upset.


I’d pick one up for the office if it didn’t require both a trip to Walmart and supporting the landfill-filling craptoy industry.


If there’s a motor in the crap toy, there’s a salvageable part inside. :stuck_out_tongue:


My niece had a twerking Christmas snowman years ago.

Bonus for the use of George Clinton.

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How is it we first heard about this in approving tones? Normally, these things fly under the radar until some parents somewhere wig out and call the cops.

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I’d love to see the patent application for this, if it exists.

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Somewhere out there, a plushie is experiencing an epiphany!


I gave my daughter a twerking santa before twerking was popular, this dog is too derivative.

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