TWIS 481: artificial sweeteners screw with your gut biome


It’s good to note that what we eat has a huge impact on gut bacteriia but it’s also very good to know that gut flora has a huge impact on health.

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Holy crap, I couldn’t watch that video. What annoying teenage voices.
Just can’t take it seriously.

This page should be linked back to the original topic:

STUDY: artificial sweeteners can raise blood sugar levels more than sugar

That page includes links to the discussed study, and additional studies by that group are discussed.

Also, this topic has now been discussed on several science and skeptic blogs. Here’s a link to The Scientist. The article there is well written and helps to make the point that the study authors are far more reserved about their findings than others are. They are quite clear that these are initial findings warranting further study.

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@catgrin, thank you for linking to the BB post where there are further links on the sweetener story, and to The Scientist’s story (they always report well). Links to any of the stories we cover on TWIS are available on our website,

@silentself666 I am so glad to hear that I still sound like a teenager after all these years! :smiley:

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