Twist off your zip ties, don't cut them


To me it seems like it’s trying to reinforce a certain macho stereotype i don’t care for. I follow other maker/tool channels that have none of this and find it more welcoming. Each to their own i suppose.


Right tool for the right job… A zip-tie pulling gun will leave no sharp edge, and can be picked up for only a few dollars. Barring that, a pair of flush-cutting pliers will do the job as well. Certainly faster than twisting the tail, and has zero chance of accidentally breaking the housing that makes the tie lock in the first place…


Those tile things work?


Once tight, I take the blade from my multi-tool (Leatherman Wave II) , press the blade into the underside of the tie end. Maybe a slight pull/cut action… you’ve now scored a small cut into the tail…, bend it backwards and it will snap off flush with the body… no twisting or manipulating. Can be done with one hand in a tight space too.

Someone has a use for all those cut tails… I don’t but I wish I did, such a waste.


I thought it was going to be how to bust out of zip-tie restraints.


Meh, I just gnaw through them with my canine teeth.


I put a smaller zip tie around the end of the cut-off tail, and tighten it. Fixed!


Do you then cut the end off that one?


…and knitting and knitting and knitting!


Yeah, I came here to learn an easy way to twist a zip tie off. I guess the struggle will continue.


Easy enough to trim them flush with a small set of wire cutters. Most precision/computer tool kits contain the right size. I’ve found twisting/pulling the excess off can cause them to break too far back, causing the zip tie to fail.


They should have used a zip tie!


How to use zip ties: don’t. Especially don’t use them on network cables.


Working in forestry, I routinely sit/kneel on inch-wide sapling stumps that some idiot cut at a 45° angle a decade earlier, low enough to hide in the grass but high enough to penetrate flesh. Fucking punji stakes.


Dog invented elcro straps for a reason.


I am sure Elon Musk is taking notes.


Who do you think I learned it from?


Yeah, when you use expensive aerospace-grade custom SpaceX-Blue zip ties, you don’t want to just throw them out. (-:

(From l. to r., that’s a pair of landing-leg bearing lugs and then a primary hold-down lug with a bearing and lift-buckle bolted into it, at the somewhat charred base of a used Falcon 9. This is the first landed core, which has since been cleaned up and mounted on display at the factory in Hawthorne.)

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