3 ways to escape zip ties



We might be having the RNC in Denver down the road. Should probably save that for a flyer if needed.


I’m no expert, but aren’t law enforcement zip ties sturdier than the ones you get at Home Depot by a fair margin?


There were “3 ways to escape” in the original post, only “2 ways to escape” in the comment thread. Will the twitter link have only “1 way”?


Cop zip ties used as handcuffs typically have two separate zip ties, one per wrist, on a common block. They also do a bit of work to make them less escape-friendly, because they are used on criminals (your grandma protesting the local nuke plant, for example).


If you’re trying to restrain someone, use 2 zip ties, one for each hand, interlocked. At least that’s what the cops did…


If you follow this advice and tighten up the zip ties so that you think you will be able to break them (hint: try this a few times with a friend standing by with a full med kit and shears you’ve already tested against the ties) you may eventually have an unpleasant meeting with Mr. Gangrene. Or, if you try hard enough to break them, then possibly his friend Mr. Heavy Bleeding.

Not all zip ties are created equal, and I’m pretty sure law enforcement don’t use the kind you can break without tools. And in the unlikely event I personally zip tie you, I guarantee you won’t be breaking the ones I have hanging up in the barn.


You’ll have to experiment. Home Depot has several types of zipties.

175 lb tensile strength

but yeah, this product claims 600 lbs

Much as I’d hate to patronize a site that supplies pigs, these techniques are badly in need of testing. (Buy a cutter as well).

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As it goes, my main concern about being detained, kidnapped, or otherwise compromised is that I have nasal polyps that have almost completely blocked off any breathing through the nose, not to mention a side issue of asthma.
If anyone puts duct tape across my mouth, I’m a dead man.


Here are some videos: http://www.itstactical.com/skillcom/lock-picking/how-to-escape-from-zip-ties

However, most of the zip tie cuffs that I’ve seen are not only more robust but also different design: http://www.copsplus.com/prodnum5496.php

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You might be ok after all:


Um, in the unlikely event I’m invited over for “dinner”, is there anything I else I might want to know beforehand? :wink:


Yes. Pick a safeword. Make sure that you can remember it under stress,


Will these work on the metal zip ties used by law enforcement? /skepticism

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Do you have a link for the restraint variety of metal zip ties? The only ones a quick google search came up with were more industrial use that really wouldn’t be useful for the purposes one would escape from. Not doubting or casting a shadow on the comment, genuinely curious.

I would imagine that metal zip ties would be forbidden form the simple fact they would have to be thin enough to be strong yet that would also make them inherently sharp and thus have a lot of liability if used in that way.

Also, I think everyone should know at least someone in the Praetorian caste (LEO) to understand the tools they use in case one ever is in that situation. Just my 2 cents.


A lot of Boingers seem to hate law enforcement. Pigs? Seriously? I bet you don’t call them that when they’re helping you, your fedora, and your ironic Ziggy tattoo track down the kids who stole your fixed-gear bike.

What are you building in there? What the hell are you building in there??

We have a right to know!


Even with regular zip ties #2 looks more likely to hurt you than get you free. Even crappy zip ties are tough, and he’s just banging the things against his belly. Plus, is it typical for your arms to be tied together in front of you? This technique won’t work at all if they’re behind you.

The #1 option would only seem to work against someone who does a bad job of putting them on in the first place, so you’re left with #3. I imagine proper LEO ties have extra bits that make that method less reliable.

A better option might be a small concealed blade somewhere on you, preferably somewhere reachable with your arms locked together, and try not to slice your wrists open by accident.

The art of Manliness? It’s manly to end up in zip ties?

I’ve been doing it wrong all these years.

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Wait a minute! Cops in the U.S. are there to help us?!