Great deal on 150 pack of 10-inch cable zip-ties: $6.36

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After dogs, zip ties are definitely man’s best friend.

My dog took umbrage to that statement.

PS. 150 lbs. plus Tensile Strength & Outdoor UV Resistant are a starting point, best is 200 lbs & Outdoor UV Resistant.


These should make for a great first date, especially with my drum of lube!


What a charmer you’ve blossomed into.


Harbor Freight has good deals on these, too:

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Hey now, it all depends on who he’s talking to

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Or you can go to the source and get 500 11" ties for just a couple bucks more, no 5 hour time limit either.

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I have never made it to Amazon for one of these brilliant deals BEFORE the price went up. NEVER.

What’s an “inch”?

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It’s a unit of measurement mostly used for penii in western countries.

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Just putting this here, in case we need it later:

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Since clicking on boingboing links wasn’t enough to put me on a list…

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