Reusable silicone gear ties


I prefer velcro, especially for power cords - you can get the ones that attach with a loop around the cable at one end, so there’s absolutely no way to lose it and when you don’t need the entire thing strung out it’s easy to just free the loops you want. In my experience, the main downside is that people seem to be irrationally covetous of the ones with the attachment loops, so you have to watch out for people stealing them off your cables.

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Got a link for the ones with the loops? I’ve seen those pre-attached to chargers, but I didn’t realize you could buy them.

I use the smaller Gear Ties to bundle earbuds, phone chargers, and other miscellaneous small electronics in my bag. The big ones are handy for strapping large objects to a bicycle cargo rack.

The small ones are handy for headphone cables. I’ve got a couple I’ve used and re-used for about a year.

Here’s some I’ve found that were fairly inexpensive and have worked so far. They’re not as solidly grippy as the velcro I’ve used for cable bundles, but that also makes 'em a bit quieter when you’re unwrapping.

That’s probably a big part of why they have such a habit of getting stolen. :slight_smile:


I use these for damn near everything. A big one plus the giant nite-ize carabiners makes a nice way to hang long extension cords.

But what should one use to organize their reusable silicone gear ties?


I gotta get organizized.

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