The Fidget Cable is waging the war against cable confusion disorder

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May I assume that it comes with a full warranty protecting things that shouldn’t be around magnets?
Like smartphones, thumb drives, and uh, computers?

OK, I looked it up, and the answer is maybe, no, and no. It won’t mess up the phone’s memory, but it can affect other parts of your phone.


Yeah, the only things I can think of in a phone that are particularly sensitive to magnets would be the hall effect sensors, and the magnetometer.

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Reading the ad copy made me fidget, it’s that where its name comes from?

Nice coil, though. I wonder, could you turn the coil into an electromagnet and watch how its magnetic field interact with the fields of the permanent magnets on the coil?

I have a roll of velcro, with that I can tidy up any cable. For the price of this novelty cable I could get 100m of velcro.


I agree, but having the cable be self-coiling is a nice thing to have, at least for certain applications.
but my supermarket sells 10-foot braided usb cables for $10. a handful of weak magnets should be reasonably cheap. maybe buy a pack of alphabet refrigerator magnets and pop them out, those are super weak and barely support the plastic letters, but stick to each other reasonably well. they could be hotglued to the braid and wrapped over with a layer of e.g. electrical tape to protect the bond.
might have to give it a try.

So I guess to top this language, the next ad will have to wage total war?

$60 for a 6 foot USB cable?

No thanks.

I’d rather buy a cheap regular cable and a pack of these:

And spend the remaining money on Buckyballs.


A yes a creative solution to a problem no one has.

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Or a handful of these, which seem to do the job about as well:

I’ve used velcro ties for so long (especially at work, where we buy the bulk double sided velcro rolls and cut to length what we need) that invariably, I’ll be cleaning out some cubby or drawer and find a half-dozen short chunks of velcro wrap.

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