11 ways to control desk cables

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Snazzy stuff but the binder clip trick seems to work well and cost much less…


Indeed, I found some adhesive cord clips at the dollar store once, and the adhesive simply didn’t hold up. I am significantly more pleased with my binder clip.

Unfortunately, I have yet to find an effective means of keeping my headphone cord from slowly unspooling underneath my chair where it has a nasty tendency of getting stomped on by the legs.


I just use these to make the cable shorter


Yeah I have a bunch I have salvaged from surplusing servers. Great for headphone cables or really anything you plug into the usb port of a laptop that has a longer cable than necessary.

#12: neurolinguistic programming


I couldn’t fit a binder clip on my desk, but I did upgrade a cable clip’s adhesive to a 24hr cure adhesive and never had an issue since.

Or, you can just whip it.

I’ve never found anything to beat plain velcro ties.

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