3 ways to escape zip ties

In a non-police home invasion, yes, this might save you.
But if you get ziptied by cops, they’ll shoot you if you break out. Simple as that. And then tell the press about your “inhuman strength” and obvious attempt to attack them or escape to cause havoc. If you’re lucky and they only taser and beat you to within an inch of your life, you’ve only added “resisting arrest” to the charges. Or more likely 6 or 7 new charges, since there are basically no limits on what the prosecutor can charge you with…“resisting arrest”, “damaging police equipment while resisting arrest”, “interfering with a police officer while damaging police property”. If they find out you got it from BB, then “using information gained through interstate commerce to resist arrest” which would make it a federal crime, etc.

Yes, I’m exaggerating, but only slightly…read

In any case, with cops, this advice is likely to get you killed or jailed for decades.


Pfft like the cops bother helping people find bikes.


Well, to be fair, my information comes from a 3-year-old comment thread on this site: http://boingboing.net/2011/10/03/how-to-escape-from-zip-tie-handcuffs.html

That said, I’m pretty sure the important part (the rachet mechanism) of LEO zip ties is metal. Dunno about the actual tie.

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What else you got hanging up in the barn there, buddy?
Are you being creepy intentionally?

People of all gendered persuasions who follow their moral compass by protesting are super sexy, don’tcha know.

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So cop zip ties look like this:

Also, no cop will cuff you in front. They’ll cuff you in back. The only way, and I mean ONLY WAY you get cuffed in front is if you’re a pregnant lady. Maybe.


why is the back of the guy’s shirt in the sample picture so sweaty?

A: He’s a manly man.
B: He willfully perspired in order to become slippery. “Resisting Arrest!”
C: Not sweat. Just a threadbare Jimi Hendrix T

All these methods assume the cops will put them on in front of your body. They almost never do that.

They also assume you have some brilliant plan to enact once your hands are free that won’t result in getting shot or adding charges.

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I think the situation these guys are thinking about is when the cops are rounding up a huge group of protesters and might not notice one guy slipping away when trying to contain all of the other protesters.


A Mexican wave style mass breakout would be awesome. I do not use the word lightly.

This does seem like one of those horseshit upworthy / buzzfeed images based on social media imagineering rather than, y’know, actual people breaking out of ziptie cuffs used by real cops in the real world.

I’d like to see some YouTube videos of people doing this before I believe it. Sounds rough, but hey, if freaks are willing to take on the Cinnamon Challenge…


Without watching the videos, I’ve determined that a 17+ minute video of someone trying to get out of these restraints tells me all I need to know about the likelihood of success in an actual police situation.


Boing Boing fails … Please don’t help spread this disinformation… If you’ve noticed pig cuffs before, they are rather different… actually observe what pigs actually use

I’ve see them in action during protests. Sometimes they are different (Jersey Cuffs style), sometimes they are very much the same as shown in that graphic:

Any method is more difficult with Jersey Cuffs (not shown above), but it has been done.

try to use your senses better

Despite the tear gas in the air, my senses were fairly good, thanks.

ask friends who have been in protest situations…

No need. Been there, done that. I’ve also known people who escaped at DNC in Denver with methods shown in that graphic, so that was certainly a protest situation.

If you’ve think it’s “disinformation” then please provide a better graphic. I’ll check it out and if it’s legit, I’ll use that flyer instead. I’ll be waiting, thanks.

.[quote=“jake0748, post:25, topic:27115, full:true”]What else you got hanging up in the barn there, buddy? Are you being creepy intentionally?[/quote]

Well, no, I wasn’t, but I guess I better run with it now.

I have whole raw skins hanging up in the stable. Srsly.

Edit: Also, wolf spiders you could wear on your head like a yarmulke.

@hereticbranding: Well, we’re carnivorous. :wink:

@milliefink: Steampunk oligodynamic ductwork. Although the steampunkery is an emergent phenomena.

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As someone who works with zip ties everyday I can tell you quite a bit about them. There are several different kinds. The plastic ones vary quite a bit in strength and strangely enough, where I work, the smaller/thinner ones actually hold better than the medium size. Anyway, all the plastic ones have a low melt point - a MacGyver episode actually used this technique where MacGyver just rubbed the zip ties against a hot object as the building he was in was on fire. This would really work. Plastic zip ties will also break from the cold. You can just bang them and pop there they go. The butterfly type zip ties can be broken easily enough by twisting hard enough so if you can get a pliers or leatherman tool you can break them where they loop back. I also believe there are some massive inconsistencies in the strength of the plastic. Sometimes you will get one that will hold stronger than you would think, other times they break just from tightening alone. A plastic one could be cut through with even the ‘right size’ fingernail clipper or the file on it could be used (if it fits in the locking mech) to lift the tab and slid them off.

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